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International Day of Fanworks Challenge
Cherry Blossom Girl
talullahred wrote in libraryofmoria
The Organization for Transformative Works declared February 15 the International Day of Fanworks.

This day celebrates all forms of fan creativity and we, at the Library of Moria, support it.

We would like to invite both readers and writers to join us in a small, fun challenge, in the likeness of the one the dawn_felagund, from the Silmarillion Writers Guild is organizing.

You are also welcome to post works that you have prepared for other challenges, as long as their rules allow it. :)

Writers - It's mini fic time!
So little time, so many pairings, eh? To make it easier for you, we are only challenging you to write a drabble (double and triple drabbles are ok too) or a flash fic (we'll set you a writing time up to 30 minutes).

To participate, comment here and state if you want a drabble, and we'll feed you a prompt. If you want to write flash fic, and we'll give you a time (honour system - if we give you 15 minutes, it's your job to keep track; editing time is not included). For flash fics there is no prompt, unless you ask us.

Your prompt sucks? Well, forget it and chose one of the old challenges or hit the random pairing generators (m/m, f/f) - we just want people to have fun!

Post your challenge to the LoM in reply to the challenge on February 15 and reply to the challenge issued there. On February 15 we will list all the participants and spread the love. :)

Reviewers - The 5 review challenge
Reviewing is hard! How many times have I read an amazing fic and then found no suitable word to tell the writer how much I loved it.

Your challenge is this: comment here claiming up to three pairings of those archived at the Lom under slash, femslash or RPS and RPS-femslash.

Then your job is to review 5 stories within the pairings you claimed. The review doesn't have to be an essay but you need to write more than 'loved it' (it has to be at least 10 words long). Highlight something you really loved about the fic.

Post the stories you selected here, so that we can make a roundup with them on February 15.

Fanartists, Podficcers, other media fans
Join us with your gifts - you are most welcome!

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Hey, azzy hit me with a flash fic time and a prompt to go with it, please.

I may do the reader's challenge, but later.

Anybody else? *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

20 minutes.

"fight fire with fire"
understood any way you chose, litteraly or metaphorically.

If I request a drabble prompt, do I get to choose the pairing? Thanks!

Sure! The prompt would be an object or an idea, not the characters or the settings. :)

Awesome! Then I would like to request a prompt. :))

Awesome!! :)

Use at least two of these three words/ideas: ring, sea, itch.

Oh, I love those prompts! Thanks!


I saw your drabble posted at the LoM - thanks for participating!

I'll be making a post with 'thank you' banners later today.

May I get a drabble prompt too please?

Sure! :)

Use at least two of these three words/ideas: books, a houseplant, a walk outside.

Thanks for joining in and happy writing! :)

Thank you! <3 It was lovely! :)

Could I have a drabble prompt, please?


Use at least two of these three words/ideas: shoes, contraption, mountain.

Happy writing!

I wrote something for the prompts, but it's 4 x 100 words, not 3x, and, although it references Maedhros/Fingon, it's not very slashy. In fact, I would describe it as gen, although with a slash backstory.
Do you want me to post it anyway?

Sure, why not? We have several gen fics at the LoM. As for the word limit, no worries either - like we said, we just want people to have fun. :)

Silm Fic: A Season on Taniquetil

User hhimring referenced to your post from Silm Fic: A Season on Taniquetil saying: [...] challenge for International Fanworks Day 2015 (http://libraryofmoria.livejournal.com/352008.html [...]

Re: Silm Fic: A Season on Taniquetil


Thank you for participating. Later today I will be posting 'Thank you' banners.

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