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The Library of Moria's LJ community

we dont own it, it owns us

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Horrifying October
Cherry Blossom Girl
talullahred wrote in libraryofmoria
The Library of Moria @ LJ</a>


This is the month for trick-or-treating so lets celebrate fandom together!

Here's how it goes: we will issue a prompt every day until the 31st with a villain, an evil place from Tolkien's Legendarium, or a horror trope.

You can fill the prompts with recs or work you created for the prompt. The fills can be tricks (dark) or treats (sweet). While the Library of Moria is a slash and femslash archive, this celebration welcomes all genres. We are hoping to see:
- Fics, chapters of fics, drabbles…
- Plot bunnies;
- Head canons;
- Meta articles;
- Fanart;
- Fanmixes;
- Fanvids;
- Anything else that tickles your fancy.

To fill a prompt simply comment on its post and leave the link to your rec or new work.

You don't have to fill every prompt, but we will send a special treat to the people who fill at least 15 prompts. (Nothing fancy, just a nice pack of candy.)

You don't have to post your new works to the LoM, although we'd love you for it. The recs can come from any site (as long as they don't mind linking).

Soo, without further ado, here's the first prompt:

Logo Design by FlamingText.com
Logo Design by FlamingText.com

Have fun! (And don't be too scared! :D)


Psst, we're also on Tumblr. Pleae use the #horrifying october tag. :)

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This one, an AU about Finrod by Havisham, references werewolves--and it's pretty scary:

I have seen other stories on AO3 in which Finrod actually turns into a werewolf, but wouldn't know how to find them quickly enough to rec them, right now.

Also, non-slash: Huinare's WIP about Draugluin (on the SWG Archive) has interesting thoughts about the origin of werewolves.

Thanks for the recs! Havisham is a great writer.

I read a wonderful fic that I really need to dig up for this prompt where he turned and ended up meeting Maglor.

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