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Horrifying October - 1st roundup

Orginal post


Day 1: Werewolves

- Wolf at the Door by Havisham
(...)an AU about Finrod by Havisham, references werewolves--and it's pretty scary. (rec by Himring)

- Of Draugluin by Huinare
Huinare's WIP about Draugluin (on the SWG Archive) has interesting thoughts about the origin of werewolves. (rec by Himring)

- The Voice of Rage and Ruin by ignoblebard.
AU - Maglor is living in a small settlement in the woods long after the end of the Third Age when a set of murders threatens to expose his secrets. (rec by Talullah)

New works:
- Ancient Evil by Alex Cat
Sam is scared, very, very scared.

- Fangs by Ridiculous Squid
Nessa and her followers.

- Werewolves by hennethgalad
"To the most gracious Lady Galadriel, from Beren son of Barahir."

- The Werewolwes of Mirkwood by Lancelottie of Mirkwood
The full moon is shining above the snowy trees in Mirkwood. Thranduil is not the only one wandering the forest by night. (Gimli, Legolas, Thorin, Thranduil)

Day 2: Depths of Moria

- A Mission of Diplomacy by LdyBastet
This is an old one. It makes me smile because way back when a fic like this went places fandom was mostly ignoring, such as Silm references. Also the non-com is tastefully well done . Ok, non-com/rape is not my thing but she writes it in a way that makes sense for the characters. (rec by Talullah)

- Songs of Stone and Mountain by Pandemonium
This is a collection of stories about Dísa, the noble Dwarf-woman of the House of Narvi, and Mélamírë, the Second Age elven-smith of Ost-in-Edhil, two OFCs of the Pandë!verse. (rec by Himring)

- Splendor of Moria by annewipf
Image rec (rec by Himring)

New works:
- The Restless Dead by alexcat
Moria is quiet but not deserted.

- Depths of Moria by hennethgalad
"Durin slipped away from the feasting, some lingering uneasae troubled…"

Day 3: Written in blood

New works:
- Written in Blood by Talullah
It was supposed to be a short one but it turned out to be bigger so it's posted as a WIP, for now.

- Sorrow and Hardship by Alex Cat
Aragorn prepares Boromir for his burial.

- Written in Blood by hennethgalad.
"Some days after the marriage of Aragorn and Arwen, Glorfindel sought out Aragorn…".

Day 4: Balrog

- Gofi and the Balrog by Levade
Elrond's twin sons have some questions about that Balrog, and know just who to ask. (rec by Talullah)

New works:
- Defeated in Victory by Alex Cat
Fingon knows he will die.

- Balrog by hennethgalad
A Balrog recreated.

Day 5: Mordor

- Five Elements 3: Shadow by Cara J Loup
Frodo, Sam, and the dark moments of Mordor. (rec by Talullah)

- Where the Shadows lie by Vasade
Image rec (rec by Himring)

Day 6: Sauron

- Super cute Sauron by Tolrone (rec by Talullah)

Let us know if we missed anything! All prompts remain open until the 31st.

Thank you to everyone participating!
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