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Horrifying October - 2nd roundup

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Day 5: Mordor

New works:
- The Ghosts of Mordor by Alex Cat

Day 6: Sauron

- The Prisoner and the Hobbit by pandemonium_213, Dreamflower
Rated: Teens 
A prisoner in the Halls of Mandos, although grateful to be alive, nonetheless finds his days to be monotonous, that is, until a most unusual person, and one whose life was affected greatly by the prisoner's masterwork, accepts an offer to begin a correspondence.
(rec by Himring)

- Elegy for Númenor: Vol. 1 Journey to Umbar by elfscribe
Rated: Adult 
The Númenórean King Ar-Pharazôn thinks he has won an easy victory when Sauron surrenders to him and becomes his prisoner. But the march back to Umbar with the conniving Dark Lord turns out to have many unanticipated twists and turns through a nest of politics and intrigue, including Sauron's attempted seduction of Ar-Pharazôn's favorite male courtesan. (rec by Himring)

- Winter's Drums by pandemonium_213, Huinare
Rated: Adult | 
Story by pandemonium_213: The grisly banner having served its purpose, Sauron enlists the assistance of his soldiers and bodyguard to bear Celebrimbor's corpse to its final resting place in the foothills of the Misty Mountains while a snowstorm approaches from the southwest. 
Illustrations by Huinárë: Title: 1. "Examining His Work" / 2. "Thundersnow" Pencil illustration / Construction paper collage. Rating: G
(rec by Himring)

New works:
- Sauron's Hope by Alex Cat

- Sauron by hennethgalad

Day 7: Creepy Music/Circus

- Bone-White by Dawn Felagund
Rec by Himring: This has a description of some very creepy music.
After wandering accidentally near to Mandos, Caranthir encounters a procession delivering his newly reembodied brother back to the world: Maedhros. Caranthir breaks into his tent, and the two discuss healing, mutability, and the things that will never change. For Silver Trails.

New works:
- Circus Messengers by hennethgalad

- Song of the Ring by Alex Cat

Day 8: Berúthiel

Himring recs art for "three very different takes on Beruthiel":
- Queen Beruthiel and her cats by Irkhal

- Queen Beruthiel of Gondor by sassynails

- Princesse Beruthiel by Enthalpie

Himring recs trick and a treat for fics:
- Trick: Killed With Kindness by Zdenka

- Treat: Instead of a Dark Lord You Would Have a Queen, or, Baby Aragorn Totally Had a Cat Phase by zopyrus

- Treat:
Beruthiel ‘trained her cats to spy on people…
. Hennethgalad reblogged this cute spy kitten for the modern day Berúthiel.

New work:
- Queen of the Night by Alex Cat.
Faramir sees a legend.

Day 9: Abandoned/Haunted Area


Himring recs art with two takes on the abandoned city of Annuminas:
- Remembering Annuminas by spiegelscherben

- Ruins of Annuminas: a valley to be exalted by Drollittle

… and one take on the abandoned watchtower on Amon Sul:
- Amon Sul by Evandorf-Ex

She also recs fic:
- The Captain's Tale, a chapter in "An excess of weather" by Nath
A ghost story set in the Barrowdowns (Tyrn Gorthad)

New work:
Abandoned Places
by Hennethgalad
"The storm abated after four days, but the wind was against them and it took them nine days to return to sight of land…"

- The Dead Ride Behind by Alex Cat

Day 10: Mirkwood

- Halls of Thranduil by Megatruth (rec by thranduil-thorinduil/lancelottie)

- Secret Garden by Keiliss (rec by Himring)
A chain of mysterious events lead Erestor and Elladan to Mirkwood in search of answers. There they and Gildor face deadly danger that has nothing to do with orcs or giant spiders.

- In the Halls of the Elvenking y ziggy (rec by Himring)
Something has stirred in the Wood. There is conflict and unease in the Thranduil's stronghold and he suspects something to do with Thorin Oakenshield. But he has other things on his mind; it is time to send his son to renew his promise to the Dragon. And Thorin, stuck on his own in a dungeon far from anyone, begins to realise that Bilbo is more than just his thirteenth companion.

New work:
- Mirkwood by Hennethgalad
"The wind howled in the hissing trees, the rain hammered against the small panes in the high window and Thranduil sprawled on the rug…"

- Collage by elvenkingtranduil

- Mirkwood by Alex Cat

Day 11: Glaurung

Himring's art recs
- Horrible Realization by 7hot-feanorians
A treat: Glaurung, having had too many dragonish treats

Also, on the same subject, Glaurung with Ancalagon:
- Show Off... by 7hot-feanorians
A treat: Glaurung, having had too many dragonish treats.

And a serious take on Glaurung, horrible even in death:
- The death of Glaurung by EKukanova

Art rec by elvenkingtranduil:
In front of the fire came Glaurung the golden…

Himring's fic recs
- Truth Against the World by Lipstick
Maglor and the Dragon

- "The Retreat from Maglor's Gap" in "The West Wind Quartet" by Himring

New work:
- Glaurung Collage by Hennethgalad

- Glaurung by Alex Cat

Day 12: Spiders

Himring's recs:
- Ungoliant Bio by Oshun
Oshun's bio of Ungoliant, with additional comments on the Mirkwood spiders and Shelob.

- Nox est Perpetua by Zdenka
Morgoth's victory approaches, but Arien will still choose her own fate. (Arien/Ungoliant).

- Light-weaver by Zdenka
Someday, she will devour the light-weaver. (Melian, Ungoliant)

- Silmarachnis by Huinare
Melkor, with the aide of the creature Ungoliant, seeks to bring ruin upon Two Trees Spider Farms and the rogue spider farmer Fëanáro in one fell swoop.

- A Darker Shade of Black by Lyra

- Spiders in the Mist by Maggie Honeybite
On a mission to the Valley of Dreadful Death, two giant spiders encounter adventure, tackle moral issues and find love. AU, humour, spider slash.

New work:
- Spiders by hennethgalad

- In the Darkness by Alex Cat

Day 13: Witch-king of Angmar

Himring's recs:
- Queen and Consort by Aliana
All is barter: for those who’d rule kingdoms, there are no safe words.

- The Annals of Angmar by Aliana
“High, she was, and fair": A love story, and an exercise in revisionist history.

New work:
The Witch-King of Angmar
by hennethgalad

"Annatar took his right hand and slid the ring onto the longest finger."
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