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Horrifying October - 3rd roundup


Day 6: Sauron
New work:
- Into Darkness by Lancelottie of Mirkwood (Thranduil is captured and interrogated by Sauron.)

Day 12: Spiders
Lancelottie's rec:
- Extermination by Apollonia (King Thranduil is fed up with the spiders slowly taking over his realm and decides that they must be exterminated. But when he meets the Spider King face to face, he learns that the Spider King agrees that there can be only one dominant race in Mirkwood and that the other must be destroyed.)

Day 13: Witch-king of Angmar
New works:
- His Doom by Alex Cat (The Witch king believes himself invincible.)

Day 14: The Temple of Melkor
Himring's art recs:
- The outside of the temple: The evil runs deep in Numenor by Oznerol-1516
- The inside: Sacrifice by MirachRavaia
- And a cartoon: The Last Laugh by Kitt-Otter

New works:
- The Temple of Melkor by hennethgalad
- Worship by Alex Cat (Sauron builds a temple to his master. Or does he?)

Day 15: Gollum
Himring's recs:
- "Here's a blackly comic piece in which the horrifying thing is what is happening to Gollum: A crack and the staff split asunder: Crackfic and General Wackiness by Huinare (Non-violent communication in Barad-dur, by Huinare (in: A crack and the staff split asunder))

New works:
- Gollum by hennethgalad ("Thranduil, his hair swirling like smoke around his pale face…")

- Unmaking of the Ring by Alex Cat
Gollum burns in the fires of Mount Doom.

Day 16: Corpse Land
- Talullah and Himring rec Harvester of Sorrow by Robinka (For the International Day of Fanworks: an orc and his grim job.)

Himring also recs two pieces referencing the Hill of the Slain after Nirnaeth Arnoediad:
- A Moment after Rain by Elleth (in: Sulimeo Quentar) (This is a short poem (and more of a treat than a trick).)
- Rian's Only Metal Hit by Amy Fortuna (This is labelled "humour", but that last scene isn't really played for laughs.)

New work:
- The Marshes by Alex Cat (Legolas has seen the Dead Marshes.)

Day 17: Thuringwethil
Himring's recs:
- Twilight’s Daughters by Rhapsody (Bereft of her guise, Thuringwethil remembers the fair Lúthien. Femslash. Adult.)
- To Love What Is Mortal by Astris (Thuringwethil pays a visit to someone she once knew. (Rather onesided Lúthien/Thuringwethil).)
- Dark Mirror by Zdenka (in: Drabbles: The Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales) (Lúthien has taken Thuringwethil's skin to wear; Thuringwethil takes it back for a moment. (Lúthien/Thuringwethil. Warning for brief possession/horror.))
- Thirst by Clodia (in: Beneath the Sickle's Swing) (Thuringwethil after the fall of Utumno, drabble sequence)
- Luthien dons Thuringwethil's bat garb by Pandemonium (in: Gothmog and Draugluin) (A cartoon)

New Work:
- Thuringwethil by hennethgalad
- The Imposter by Alex Cat (Luthien borrowed her skin and it sometimes haunts her.)

Day 18: Orcs
Himring's recs:
- The Burning Cold of Snow by Erulisse (Mordor was not only used by evil in the Third Age. It had been used by Morgoth in the First Age. Brushkût, an orc from Mordor is trained to join the troops at Angband and sets off with his regiment, walking through the dead of winter towards the far north.)
- Caught in the Running Flames (The Damned Kind Remix) by Elleth (The Dagor Bragollach... from the other side, and a brief crossing of paths.)
- The Anatomy of Orcs by MisbehavingMaiar (An academic essay composed by an unnamed Numenorian naturalist; (an open-minded lady of the court of Ar-Adûnakhôr) concerning the biology and habits of Orcs.)

New work:
- Orcs by hennethgalad (Fingolfin stared in horror as the prisoner was brought in…)
- Shamed by Alex Cat (A very old Orc remembers his origins.)

Day 19: Shelob
Himring's recs:
- only the sleep eternal / in an eternal night by simaetha ("The world is a terrible place,” you tell the small creature, kindly.)
- The Spider and the Bat. in: Tolkien Drabbles: The Silmarillion, part 2 by Zdenka (Thuringwethil's intended tryst with one of Ungoliant's offspring in Nan Dungortheb goes awry.)

New work:
- Shelob by Alex Cat (Shelob is still waiting.)
- Shelob by hennethgalad ("The carter sighed with exasperation…")

Day 20: Morgoth
New work:
- Morgoth by hennethgalad (supermassive black hole time…)
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