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Horrifying October - 4th roundup


Day 18: Orcs

New work:
- Bright Swords by Ridiculous Squid
"She whimpered and opened her eyes, the images still vivid before her…"

Day 20: Morgoth

Himring's recs
- Dark Fruit by Lyra (in: The Book of Short Tales) (Imprisoned in the battle-camp of the Valarin host after the War of Wrath, Melkor receives an unexpected and unwelcome visitor... and does some last-minute sowing.)

- Strange Fire by Dwimordene (Melkor meets humanity: a theological romance with Haradrim.)

- Sauron Applies For His Job by Himring (Before the throne of Angband, Sauron makes his application for the job of lieutenant to Morgoth, the Dark Lord. For reasons unknown and unexplained (possibly just to make things appropriately hellishly difficult) the application has to be made in rhyme…)

New work:
- Morgoth's Punishment by Alex Cat (Morgoth realizes the depth of his punishment.)

Day 21: Ungoliant

Himring's rec:
- Here's a rec in which Ungoliant isn't, zoologically, a spider: Conditional Release by Anna_Wing
In which the Valar make a decision about the conditions of Melkor's release from Mandos which is in my view rather better than the one that They actually made.
(This fic is great fun and a treat over all, but Ungoliant is actually pretty horrifying.)
- Here's an image rec, too. Not likely to trigger arachnophobia, unless anyone's got it really badly. Ungoliant kills the Trees by MirachRavaia

New work:
- Ungoliant by hennethgalad
- Darkness Again by Alex Cat (Ungoliant plans her future.)

Day 22: Gríma Wormtongue

Himring's recs:
- Drabble sequence at Tolkien Weekly by Huinare (This is the Grima tag at Tolkien Weekly, as I'm not sure it's cross-posted anywhere as a sequence.)
- And here is an individual drabble of the sequence: Scream by Huinare
- And another one: Dark Shall Be Your Dreams by Huinare

New work:
- Gríma Wormtongue by hennethgalad ("The orcs rose from the tall grass on either side of the road…")
- The Death of Saruman by Alex Cat (Grima does his last deed.)

Day 23: Deadly doctor

New work:
- Deadly Doctor by hennethgalad ("Maeglin, firm of purpose but cold with fear…")

Day 24: Lorgan

Himring's recs:
- Trapped by Zimra (When Aerin and her husband go to visit Lorgan, she sees someone she never dreamed she would meet - but it's more like a nightmare.)
- Morwen lives (a drabble), in: Aerin and Broddun II (drabble sequence)
by Himring ("‘My hair stood on end, I tell you!’ says Sador…")

New work:
- Lorgan by hennethgalad ("Lorgan rode towards Angband, cold from the northern wind…")

New work:
- Morgoth's Faithful Servant by Alex Cat (Lorgan served his master always.)

Day 25: Under a Spell

Himring's recs:
- Lúthien's spell by Dilly ("It was notorious, in Doriath, that Lúthien’s beauty was so powerful than her charms were able to cross the usual lines…")

New work:
- The Worst Spell by Alex Cat (The One Ring casts the worst spell of all.)
- Under a Spell by hennethgalad ("Bear shifted uncomfortably, the fleas in his dearskin…")

Day 26: Smaug

Himring's recs:
- Smaug, (in: The Black Arrow) by ziggy ("The stench of sulphur was overpowering, like marsh gas or rotten eggs…")
- Golden Fall by Kortirion ("Ripples glimmered, shining brightly where stray sunbeams caught them…")

As usual, please let me know if I've missed any contribution. Thanks so much to everyone participating! Hope you're having fun!
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