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Welcome! Please take some time to read this before you venture into this livejournal community.

First of all, this is a SLASH archive. This means same sex pairings, with ratings from G to NC-17. If the thought of two (maybe more!) same sex men, women, elves, hobbits, or anything else strikes you as disturbing, please leave now. If on the other hand, you like this as much as us other perverts, jump on in.

This community is assosiated with

The Library of Moria archives
This is the Original archive, run by the most talented and magnificent Commodore Marie.

The Library of Moria Message Forum
This is the official LOM message board, run by Tinker Bell kelleigh and Azzy azzy

This community is meant to partner with the Library of Moria Fiction Archive. It is our hope that any fiction posted here meeting the Archive's Submission Guidelines will also be submitted to the archive. We encourage all authors to check over those guidelines and submit their fiction. It's easy to do!

1. We are all adults, don't be a jerk! If you dont like it, piss off - nobody is forcing you to read. - ALL TROLLS, FLAMES, AND IDIOTS WILL BE DEALT WITH SWIFTLY AND MERCILESSLY!

2. No off topic discussions are allowed. If you want to talk OT please go to the message board.

3. Please hide the body of your fic behind a cut tag. If you are not sure how to make such a cut-tag, please read this FAQ. We would like this community to look nice and clean.

4. Please post the title, author, warnings, pairing, rating, and summary before the cut, so people know what they are getting into, and please state the number of chapter in the topic line if its a W.I.P (work in progress).

5. Please dont friends-lock your posts - this is an open community.

6. This is a LOTR slash community - fan fiction in this universe (+AU) and art are very welcome, also crossovers are allowed and encouraged!

7. RPS (real person slash) with the actors from the Lord of the Rings movies is also welcomed.

8. This is not the place to post het fiction from LOTR. It's not that we hate it, it's just not our focus.

9. Please link to earlier chapters if you post WIP's - that will make it easier to read back. if you dont know how you do it, please read this entry how to post a link in lj


We do not own this - it owns us.

Az, Tinker Bell, Tal, Marie & MissWilde.

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